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blind eye

I look around spotting a public totlet,
finely some where i can lock the door.
i rush in and slam the door behind me in my rush.
almost trembleing i lock the door,
my brain rattles off .
put the seat down it say's
now grab the spoon out of you kit,
clean it with a sawb don't want a drity fix's now.
fill up your ten mill barel, grab your pick,
got you truany, lay them all the sawbed seat...
i stare at my gears set up perfectly,
all i'm missing is my candle and that beautful little gary pill..
100 mg's of morphine soon to become 100 mgs of smack..
not quiet like real herro but home back will full the spot.

i light the candle, pull the pill out of my pocket,
i clean the gary off with anthere swab untill all i can see is white.
i lightly heat the pill untill it just sqiush's down with ease.i use bakeing powder to seperate the mg's fromthe wax.
i add a tiny bit of bakeing powder with a little water,
wacth as it foam's, i like to cook it untill it is silghtly golden
with a bit of white still visable..
add the trun, a vinager smell rasie's at the trun begans to heat up.
this shit is awful when the fumes get into your eyes.
the vinager small disapears and i'm left with geart looking golden
brown crusty things on the spoon,
as i add more water my heart speeds up and i feel slightly
dizy, starnge how the last minute its like i already have it in my vains, i let it cool, tiny little white of wax float on the sruface.
i never did understand how the wax from the candle manged to float into the spoon .
time to play docter now...
though in a filter and suck the juice's up the barrel.
put on the pick and find a comfey seat,
i wrap my truny around my upper arm and pump up my vain,
my hand begains to shake i'm always afaired i'm gonna slip and rip my vain open and there would be gashing blood hep c blood every where
but no it sildes in with ease a little buble of dark red fills the pick then the tip of the barel, push that puppy down girl about half way i losen my truny since i'm not working on bules it should be fine
i push it all the way down pull out the pick and race to get my truny off, silcne, my brain rush's out i sit with my back against the wall, taking in quick short beath's...
slowly time and reality start to take place slowly i stand up and start to put my kit away, as for my spoon i have a specail little container to keep it in so i derg the fuck out of it latter,
clik gose the lock on the door time to face the world and the drunk in the gutter yet again
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