chrystal methidone (kitchen_floor87) wrote in funky_stories,
chrystal methidone

haha lol

Quit stalking me zach !!!!! I don't want any more dildoes and the FTD boy is sick of delivering to my crack house ! I told you i was allergic to dead flowers anyways! You can send me another pubic hair necklace if you really want, but JUST DON'T TALK TO ME, you skanky poop clown ! You think you're bootylicious but I don't find that genital wart on your nostril so attractive anymore. No it DID NOT turn me on when you showed up at LCHS wearing only your poop brown spanky panties -- everybody was disgusted by your pierced clitoris . I g2g cause bob saget is on the phone--just go back to your bed and leave me alone!!!!!
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