sweetjanie (tygerlilly) wrote in funky_stories,

Tonight's Top Story:

Once there was a little purple gremlin named Toby. Toby had been living in one of US Air's hangers for a LONG time, causing many a plane crash and devastating the lives of millions with a big ol smile on his face. So one day Toby the purple gremlin was suction-cupped to the front of the plane, right above the window that Jeremy was looking out of. You see, Jeremy was the pilot of this particular flight. The plane was flying from Neutron to Proton when all of a sudden Jeremy saw sparks, and it wasn't from Lulu the flight attendant that made all the men (and women) drool. Instead the controls were going haywire and making all kinds of pretty twinkling lights of magenta and puce. Jeremy jumped up and bumped his head on the ceiling and before you knew it he saw the ugliest purple gremlin head peering through his window with a face of wonderment and glee. Toby was waving and snickering at Jeremy who by now was circling around the cock pit wailing like a school girl and flapping his arms in the air. Lulu peeked through the door after hearing the wailing and decided to pants Jeremy before gliding (because she never did ran or walked - she glided) towards first class and said "Get ready for some mmm turbulence" Everyone knew Lulu's codeword and panic struck everywhere until the Giant Pink Peep of Prosperity swooped down onto the plane and grabbed Toby by the ear with it's marshmallowie goodness beak. Toby went on a sky diving adventure and the plane, now in flames in front, was being safely and slowly taken down by the Giant Pink Peep of Prosperity before it melted into an olympic-sized pool of marshmallow goo that the survivors ate and had Lulu and other passengers marshmallow wrestle in before they were saved by the ESU (Electron Safety Unit)
The End.
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