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WARNING: The following matter involves sexual content. Viewer Discretion is advised.

I was trying to go for enticing, but I'm not such a good judge, or it just may be that I'm too hard on myself, anyways if you're interested then please do read and then comment in regards of what you think. Much appreciated.

"You're about to have your way with a young school girl"

Held captive tied to a chair her legs spread. Her legs wrapped around the chair and her ankles tied to the legs of the chair. Smooth pale skin you feel as you run the tips of your fingers up and along her legs. Where her skirt peaked allowing others to view her blue laced thong. Arms wrapped around behind the chair with cuffed hands. A white blouse slightly unbuttoned at the bottom showing her toned tummy. Her thin blouse allowed you to see her bra, which finely shaped her breasts. Hands traveled from her inner thighs upwards on to her tummy which you trace and tickled her with your grace. She shows a small grin of pleasure as you unbutton her shirt and slide it off her shoulders and down her back slowly while admiring her beauty. You begin to kiss and massage her embracing her softness. Soon you blindfold her so no light can escape. You teasingly lick her chest and brush your teeth along her neck as she gives a little laugh you clench your teeth deep in her tender skin, as she exhales with anticipation and waits for you to bite her again. You then slide the skirt higher and gracefully slide her thong off as you lick her inner thigh. Small moans were heard. A tight opening that awaits to please and be please. As your fingers embraced her wet walls you kissed her breasts and massaged with your tongue. She bites her lip and grins. You pull her further down the seat, standing above her you lean in and slowly enter, while being careful not to tear the skin. You grasp hold of the back of the chair and exhale in relief and joy. A smile creeps on your face as you repeat your beating pelvic thrust. Sweat dribbling down her body. She licks her lips and moans in a higher tone and bites down on her lip before she could scream. She starts to fuss caused her body began to tremble. Throwing back her head and her hair follows and slaps her back dripping with sweat. You pull out and tease her some more but when you returned, it felt even better so you used the remote and blasted music. Both of you were screaming and moaning as the cd repeated itself………
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