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Polly Jane Buckley's Third Grade Crime

When I was 9, my third grade class had a tradition. On May 5th, we'd all wear our nicest shoes. I wore my Mary Janes, shined and cleaned about three times the night before. Kenny Johnson wore his white Adidas. Those sneakers were so new and expensive. They were different and nicer than the ones today. We all wanted Adidas sneakers like Kenny had. Maura Laine Keppingham had lime green pumps on that day. Maura Laine said they were imported from England. I don't think many believed her but we were still awed by the flashy color of the pumps. Then, all other shoes and sneakers were forgotten. Lori Sue Campell, nine year old knockout entered the room, late as usual. She shrugged to Miss Woodham in the most casual way and walked to her seat. Kenny forgot he had his tooth white sneakers on and slid across the dusty classroom floor. Maura Laine ran over to Lori Sue's seat and one lime green pump fell off her foot. There, Lori Sue had on gorgeous shoes. They were open toed high heels, with a ribbon on each shoe, twirling up her leg, stopping at her knee. I admit it. I was jealous. Me, Polly Jane Buckley was jealous. Envious. Mad. Enranged. Miss Woodham gathered the class to their seats. The teacher started to talk about multiplacation but I was focused on what I could do to make this day hell for Lori Sue Campell. What did I have in my backpack? Hmmm...I had a can of toxic silly string, a butter knife, my homework, a bottle rat poison and a sharp calligraphy pen. Oh, yes! I had it! I had the perfect way to make her day hellish! The idea came from my backpack. As we moved on to Social Studies, Miss Woodham said, "Take out your homework, class." I carefully acted out my plan, while Lori Sue's back was turned, talking to Kara Lee. I did it. I went along with my plan, but I can't tell you the details because it was too inapropriate and horrible for words.

Yes, I stole Lori Sue Campell's homework essay that she had perfectly written. See? The idea came from my backpack!
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