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The Misadventures of Rahjamaaaan and Poo-Tin!

One day at his house in the hills, Rajaaaaman decided that it was a nice day for a picnic, or a mixed lunch as they called it in funkyland. "Yum!" said Rajaaaaman, "There are so many things i can pack for a mixed lunch! I'll bring some vienna sausages, and some melba toast, and some apple juice, and some..." the list went on and on. Finally, once Rajaaaaman was done packing, he called his friend Poo-tin. Poo-tin's favorite food was poutine, and since he loved it so much he said "I'll bring some poooootine! It will make our mixed lunch complete! I'll be there in one quarter of 3 seconds and a half and..." Finally the door knocked and he was there.

They began to walk down the road to find a nice place to have their mixed lunch and they found this nice place in the middle of a cow farm. It was filled with poop, but they didn't care. Being hobnobbits and all, they loved poop, especially cow poop. They both nested in a big warm steaming pile of cow poop and they spread out their wicker blanket in front of them and began to eat their mixed lunch.

The smell of vienna sausages wafted over the cow farm and eventually reached Farmer Gonzo. "BLAST!" He cried, "IT'S THAT RAHJAMAAAAAN AND POO-TIN AGAIN! BLAST IT ALL TO FECK!" He charged across the field in a spiel of rage and saliva, with his trusty triple pitchfork in hand. Rahjamaaaaan and Poo-Tin heard Farmer Gonzo yelling, and Poo-Tin said "These vienna sausages gave us some rank-ass breath, let's fart and let go of all this vienna sausage breath! MIXED LUNCH POWER!" Rahjamaaaan and Poo-Tin agreed, and began farting and burping up a storm, creating a gas cloud the size of a gerbil. "This isn't big enough!" said Rahjamaaaaan, "we need more power, we just cannna dooo it!" The cows overheard Rahjamaaaan and Poo-tin's problems, and saw that Farmer Gonzo was nearing more and more by the hour (he was really old, and blind...) so they decided to help the poor hobnobbits out and make a big gas cloud, so the two, along with the cows, began farting and burping, and eventually the gas cloud was really big, as big as an airplane! Anyways, Farmer Gonzo was having a lot of trouble running among all the poop and he eventually tripped up and slided into the gas cloud. Choking and gasping, he cursed on the two and their mixed lunches and disintegrated into a cloud of rabbits.

"YAY!" everyone cried. Farmer Gonzo was gone, and it was all to do with the mixed lunches. Rahjamaaaan and Poo-tin ran the cow farm ever since and had mixed lunches every day. Little did they know that Farmer Gonzo was watching over them the whole time...

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